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Interclub 9A


New in 2016-2017

The 2016-2017 sees the Event Cup Finals Series bringing more head to head athletics. Clubs will challenge across four event specific cups, featuring three age categories. One club will be awarded the Event Cup Finals Champion. CLICK HERE for more information.

Qualifying Round for the Event Cup Finals Series - Distance

NOTE: There will be no 'on the day' entries in the 2016-2017 season, entries need to be completed online before 9am day of competition. Entries will not be accepted after this time.


How to Enter

1. To enter the system login using the email address you signed up as a member with along with the new password you reset it too.

PLEASE NOTE: For families & the likes who have signed up with one email address, you will be able to enter & pay for all linked members in the one go should you wish. You will need to proceed through the entry one athlete at a time & upon completion pay for all.
Below is a screenshot of the section where you can change to the next/correct athlete you wish to enter.

Use the GREEN '+/Add event' button to enter the details of the events you wish to compete in on Fri.

You will be asked to enter your 'Qulification Mark' which is ideally a season best performance for each event which enables us to enter you into the correct division. Please be sure to enter this in the correct format as indicated;
Please list to two decimal places without units sec/m etc. eg. For a 100m PB of 12.34 please enter 12.34  .A high jump PB of 1.50m should be entered as 1.50  .For longer events with times of minutes:seconds;tenths of seconds eg 800m, please write 2:32.45  
Times; M=minute, S=second, TS=Tenth of a second, HS=Hundreth of a second
Distances; M=Meter, CM=centimeter
Therefore an 800m time needs to be entered MM:SS.TSHS which looks like 2:32.45 
A distance for shot put needs to be entered MM.CMCM which looks like 12.52

If you are unsure or do not have a distance/time just add zero and a 1. ie 01:01.01

2. Please note that not all events are offered in each age group each week. It is important that you check the draft timetable of events before you enter. Please click here to view the calendar and timetables for each week of competition.

3. Entries will not be accepted on the day, entries must be completed online. Contact the ASA Office if you need assistance before COB Friday prior to competition.

4. If you wish to enter events outside of your age group. (e.g. if you are under 20 and want to enter open) you will need to get permission from the Event Manager on event day.


Entries close at 9am on Saturday 28th January 2017

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